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Massage is the art of therapeutic touch. It can soothe your body and mind by relaxing tense muscles, boosting circulation, renewing cells and removing toxins.

Regular massage:
  • improves skin and muscle tone
  • oils nourish and soften your skin
  • before exercise will help to loosen and warm up muscles
  • after exercise will ease sore, aching limbs
  • encourages faster healing of sprains and other injuries
Which type of massage is best for me?

Swedish Massage
is a gentle, soothing and relaxing treatment

Remedial massage works on deeper tissues and muscles and is useful for treating specific or problem areas
(similar to sports massage)

Therapeutic massage is a combination of both Swedish and Remedial and is tailored to suit you
Feel so relaxed after my massage with Cheryl. Very professional. Will definitely book again soon.
- Tracy O

How long is the treatment?

30 minutes for when you're short on time, and want to destress with a back and shoulder massage 

45 minutes for a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (BNS) with a relaxing head massage

60 minutes is the usual time for a full body massage, or a BNS and longer head massage 

90 minutes for when you have more time and want a longer, relaxing full body massage

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