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Metabolic Balance®

* The secret celebrity diet  *  Regulate your weight healthily  *  Re-set your metabolism naturally  *  Increase energy levels  *  Improve your sleep *

The secret celebrity diet - Now you can do it too!  It's the award-winning, natural weight management programme which is personalised to your blood chemistry. It regulates metabolism, promotes fat burning and weight loss, reduces inflammation and encourages anti-ageing.
Lose weight while you sleep...
Increase your energy levels 
Look and feel years younger!
Balance hormones and blood sugar levels

Personalised metabolic process 

Metabolic Balance® was developed after 25 years of research by a team of doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists. It's the personalised plan used by celebrities such as Sam Smith and Boy George, and over half a million people all over the world! 

The Metabolic Balance® Programme starts with the analysis of a simple blood sample. These results are used as the basis for your personalised plan to rebalance your metabolism and regulate your weight. This 4 step process is easy-to-follow, educating and empowering!
  • Phase 1 - gentle 2 day detox
  • Phase 2 - strict phase (2 weeks)
  • Phase 3 - relaxed phase
  • Phase 4 - maintenance phase
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The first few days were tough but it got much easier and the results are soooo worth it! Everyone tells me I look great and I finally feel it too. And knocking 15 years off my metabolic age was an added bonus! smiley Thank you.
- Claire B
Metabolic balance information
Metabolic Balance
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Metabolic balance
Metabolic Balance
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 Cheryl has supported me through an intensive weight loss programme and the results are great. Thank you for all your help I couldn't have done it without you.
- Amy W
It's a simple to follow plan with nutritious recipes
* Metabolic balance® facilitates permanent weight loss through dietary changes without hunger or fasting
* It is a 100% all-natural program, using every day foods found in your local supermarket
* There are no meal replacements, no calorie counting or fat-free products
This is NOT a fad diet. You'll eat three nutritious meals every day and choose foods from your personal food list
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