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What happens during a naturopathic consultation?
During your first consultation I'll take a confidential and detailed case history by asking you questions about your current and past health, and what you want to achieve from your treatment.

Your personalised treatment regime may consist of dietary and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine and/or nutritional supplements. We'll work together to create a treatment plan that is right for you.
How many treatments will I need?
Everyone is individual and some people heal more quickly than others. Generally, the longer you have had the condition, the longer it may take to clear.

You should see an improvement after two weeks and I usually recommend a follow-up visit at this time to review your treatment plan and make any adjustments if necessary.
What does it cost?
Your initial naturopathic / nutrition consultation will last 60-75 minutes and cost £75. This price includes a comprehensive, personalised treatment plan, and telephone and email support in between consultations.

Follow-up consultations cost £45 and are usually 30-40 minutes.
What about supplements?
I always try to keep your costs to a minimum and will only recommend specific supplements if I think they are necessary for your improved health. When needed, therapeutic doses of good quality supplements can bring your body back into balance.

Herbal tinctures and supplements stocked by Neal's Yard Remedies can be purchased from store at 15% discount - you also get this discount on anything you buy in store on the day of treatment smiley

Flower Essence mixes (30ml) last 1 month and are £10. These are personalised to suit your needs.

Practitioner-only supplements may be prescribed (all clients receive a 10% discount on RRP with Natural Dispensary).

Biological testing can also be arranged.
Fees for other treatments
Flower essence consultations are £40. These are 30 minute sessions and include a personalised mix. Consultations can be in person or by Skype or telephone.

Ear candling costs £40 for 45 minutes with 1 candle per ear, followed by a head massage.

Massage / Reiki treatments are £50 per hour (Newbury) and £40 per hour (Swindon).

Current Massage Offer: £35 for 45 minute back, neck and shoulder treatment

Specific nutritional programmes details are available on request. Also see Metabolic Balance page.

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Neals Yard Remedies Natural organic health and beauty with UK and international stores. I work from the Newbury store and clients who visit me there receive 15% discount on all products. 

Natural Dispensary online store for practitioner recommended supplements and products. All clients receive a discount.

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