Wellbeing is a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous

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Are you fed up of feeling tired, unwell or 'just not right'?

Do you feel anxious, low or easily stressed?

Do you struggle to lose weight, especially around your waistline?

Or do you just want to be healthier?

Welcome to chez salu

A complementary health clinic offering naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine consultations and bodywork therapies in Berkshire and Wiltshire, UK. Some consultations are also available via Skype. 

Whether you want a health MOT or to address a specific issue, I can help you to achieve your health goals.

If you've been waiting for the 'right' time to get your health back on track, THIS is it. Tomorrow is too late and yesterday is over. NOW is exactly the right time to start.

Get in touch for your FREE 15 minute consultation to find out how I can help you.
It's time for you to follow your path to wellness....
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I made an appointment with Cheryl when experiencing extreme fatigue and suffering from acute soreness affecting muscles in my neck and shoulder areas, along with uncomfortable tummy pains. I found her gentle and caring personality so welcome after the coldness of the doctor’s surgery. Her professional advice on much needed supplements, together with dietary and lifestyle changes required to combat the stress I was suffering from, made a huge difference in helping me make a speedy recovery. Cheryl’s advice was also invaluable for making informed decisions improving my health going forwards. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a more natural and caring approach to better health and wellbeing. 
- Ellen P
health naturopathy

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